Letter To Your State Governor

Copy and paste the text posted below and modify the necessary information to match your state and governor’s name, address, e-mail and phone number, mail or email it to your governor’s state office and ask your loved ones, family and friends to do the same.


Letter To Governor
State, Zip Code

Dear Governor,

It has been proven over and over again that we, the people are and have been knowingly and deliberately poisoned by the criminal nation-less corporations through the use of many toxins in the form of what is known as: chemtrails, sprayed overhead in the sky, or directly added to consumer products we use every day. We demand an immediate stop to these criminal barbaric acts, now! The place to start is to stop toxic fluoride added to our water by issuing an executive order immediately.

Adding toxic fluoride to our drinking water, to our foods, medicines, and the air we breathe, coupled with chemicals that have the known carcinogenic effects used for spreading diseases, reducing fertility, dumbing down the population, causing violent behavior and shortening lifespan and much more. The facts are in plain view.

As the governor of “YOUR STATE” is your utmost duty and responsibility to protect the public and to insure public health, safety and security, thereby you must stop adding toxic fluoride to our water and generally all consumer products made, or shipped within our state, or you will be voted out of office and held responsible to damages done by your inaction in the court of law.

You should watch the documentary film listed below exhibiting therein, many indisputable facts, hard evidences, expert witnesses testimony and the guilty parties involved in these atrocities, all amounting to actionable information.


Again, governor, you must always remember that you took an oath of office to uphold the law and to defend and protect the people, do it now, or face the consequences.



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