New York City Mayor Bill de BlasioMayor Bill de Blasio
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
Phone: 212-639-9675

Mayor's Office of Operations
253 Broadway - 10th Floor
New York, NY 10007
Phone: 212-788-1400
Director: Mindy Tarlow

Dear Mr. de Blasio,

We, the people, worked and campaign very hard for you to win, with the high hope of leading humanity out of the fascist corporate controlled environment, particularly freeing people of New York from the shackles of fossil fuel and power companies.

Humanity has reached a vital fork in the path for survival. Based on our own observations of severity of our seasonal weather patterns and climatic disasters, plus according to many viable scientific researchers, if we, the people, do not change our destructive ways drastically, by the year 2015, humanity will pass the point of no return, on the path to total self-annihilation.

I don’t know if you are aware of the existence of many other forms of ready to use alternative sources of absolutely clean and never ending energy. To find these sources you do not have to go far.

The emerging New Energy technologies broadly named “Free”, or “New Energy” is the means of utilizing the abundance of non-polluting, green and sustainable energy sources, freely available to all of humanity. What sets New Energy technologies advanced designs apart from all others is their superior ability to access the primordial forces of the universe.

The utilization of New Energy technologies, based on discoveries made by Nikolai Tesla nearly 100 years ago, will render the use of both toxic fossil fuels as well as dangerous nuclear energy plants such as: Indian Point obsolete. This is the only logical choice.

The performance methods of these nontoxic electricity producing devices forces humanity to learn and see the infinite space all around us as the true repository of never-ending and infinite source of clean energy.

The Free, or New Energy means of power production embodies a range of technologies, where each one of them clearly illustrates the evidence of humanity’s evolutionary leap in grasping Mother Nature’s infinite wisdom.

Try to imagine clean, safe, abundant and inexpensive energy for all of humanity. Stable climate, clean healthy air and water, low-cost plentiful healthy organic foods, beautiful blue skies overhead, free from toxic Geo-engineering and Chemtrails aerosols sprayed in the sky over our cities and public.

Try to imagine delightful forests and landscapes unspoiled by the cancer causing electrical transmission wires and coal-burning smokestacks, rivers running free, clean and wild, thriving sustainable cooperative local economies and complete recycling of all wastes, thereby unleashing human potential and creativity, allowing humanity to live in the new and lasting era of cooperation, compassion, collaboration and world peace!

Please do not hesitate to write, or call if you have any questions, or comments.


Bahram Maskanian
The Venus Project Foundation
217 E. 70th Street, No. 607
New York, NY 10021-0013

* Energy Independent Campaign - Sign our New Energy petition to save humanity out of certain self-annihilation and to save thousands of dollars a year on heat and electricity.

* Extensive sources, research material and video demonstrations of the New Energy devices used for this letter are available at the Venus Project Foundation’s website: VenusProject.Org, and click on New Energy on top of the page.

The Venus Project Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) arts, sciences and educational public advocacy organization, based in New York City.

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