Building a True Alternative Media - Radio and Television Station

Building a True Alternative Media - Radio and Television Station

The word “Alternative” means the substitute of one or more things, actions, or behavior available as another viable possibility. For example: utilizing any one of the various New Energy technologies green, clean, non-polluting and low-cost methods of power production, by tapping into the primal and infinite source of universal energy for generating electricity, as an alternative for replacing fossil fuel use, thereby avoiding fossil fuel’s destructive and deadly damages done to our health and our one and only home, planet Earth. Thus the “New Energy” is the clear, viable and obvious “Alternative” to fossil fuel.

Alternative media could be any of the followings, or the combination of two, or more: newspaper, radio, television, magazine, documentary film production and the Internet means of delivering content. Alternative media that is created for the sole purpose of providing the public with the truth and alternative vital information for solving humanity’s problems, other than the propaganda nonsense disseminated daily by the corporate media.

True alternative media must challenge the ruling elites lies at all levels to foster a parallel linkages among communities at the local and federal level. One of the biggest popular misconceptions about alternative media is that alternative media supposed to provide an "alternative" viewpoint, different interpretations of the world events, news and information, that cannot be found in the corporate media. Not true.

The key word is “Solving Problems”. True alternative media’s mission must always be the discovery and dissemination of truth and the alternate means of solving humanity’s challenging problems, thus demystifying the myths and the intentionally spread false statements by the corporate media.

Rehashing constant disparaging negative awful news by the so-called Alternative media, including public television and public radio and all others in between: the left, center and the right media talking heads is the ploy by those who fund them to defuse public tension and discourage public civic action. As it is stands today we, the people in the United States have no true alternative media.

True alternative media must enlighten and empower the public (knowledge is power) regarding the existence of countless good, viable, positive and applicable world and life saving solutions in areas of our environment, organic agriculture, organic foods, clean air and clean water, health, new or free energy, new banking, money, local cooperative means of creating living wage paying jobs, education, and much more to generate and maintain a thriving local economy, which are available to all of humanity, right now, today.

We are the Venus Project Foundation, an arts, sciences and educational, non-profit 501(c)(3), national public advocacy organization, based in New York City, United States. We are advocates of reason, common sense principles and ethical standards.

We are determined to raise awareness and funds for building a True Alternative Media. Based on our research the cost of setting up an office, equipment and the staff, including the first year of operation expenses, will come to 2.5 million dollars. Your tax-deductible contribution of funds, goods and services could make it all happen.

If you wish to make your tax-deductible donation by using your checking account, please make your check payable to: The Venus Project Foundation, and mail it to:

The Venus Project Foundation
217 East 70th Street, No. 607
New York, NY 10021-0013

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