Health Ranger reveals three imminent victories for humanity: the fall of marijuana prohibition, mandatory GMO labeling and mercury-free vaccines

February 01, 2014 - By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of

We've got good news on three fronts where victories for humanity are now imminent. I have posted a new video at YouTube, listed below, covering these announcements. It is all good news because the corrupt, evil governments and corporations of the world cannot stop these powerful grassroots movements. Humanity will achieve these victories for health freedom, food transparency and the end of one primary vector of poisoning of our children and pregnant women.

Here are the three issues in summary:

Marijuana prohibition is crumbling

The insanely stupid policy of prohibition against marijuana is crumbling like the Berlin Wall. All across America, people are finally waking up and realizing how incredibly wasteful, oppressive and downright evil the entire "War on Drugs" has been.

Plus, the medical efficacy of marijuana can no longer be denied. This is a natural botanical which can help ease the suffering of millions of people. Banning it in its natural, unrefined form is a violation of fundamental human rights and a condemnation of a healing plant.

GMO labeling movement is unstoppable

The GMO labeling movement cannot be stopped. Right now, the evil GMO industry is fighting a series of delaying tactics but even they realize they cannot win the war. The age of hiding GMO poisons in foods is fast coming to a close.

Over the next few years, GMO labeling will be demanded by so many people across so many states that victory against the deceptive biotech industry is inevitable.

Mercury-free medicine is fast approaching

Vaccine pushers are baby murderers because the mercury in vaccines -- yes, it's still in vaccines -- causes spontaneous abortions in women who weren't even seeking abortions. Technically, they should be called "spontaneous involuntary abortions." (Otherwise known as homicide.)

Because vaccine pushers cannot change the laws of physics, mercury will always be toxic to a human body. The call for "mercury-free medicine" is growing louder by the day, and the vaccine industry will sooner or later be forced to remove this extremely toxic substance from all vaccines, including flu shots.

Injecting infants and children with mercury is a crime against humanity, and I personally will not rest on this issue until the act of injecting a child with mercury is officially considered a felony crime. Right now, all doctors who inject children with mercury should, morally and ethically speaking, be arrested on the spot. But this practice has been going on for so long that it is somehow "accepted" for doctors to routinely damage children in this way.

Spread the word about mercury in vaccines and help us fight for the victory of removing all mercury from all medicine, including vaccines. (Note that this is a completely separate issue from the fact that vaccines contain cancer-causing stealth viruses such as SV40, but we'll tackle that later.)

Watch my full explanation of these three subjects here:

Three huge imminent victories for humanity: Ending prohibition, GMO labeling, mercury-free vaccines

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