Public Demands - State of New York

We, The New Yorkers, are currently working on a few issues / public demands made to the New York City council members and the New York State legislature, to fund and encourage the production and use of New Energy power generating devices, removal of all health hazardous practices and devices such as: water fluoridation, chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere (Chemtrails) overhead, smart meters, Wi-Fi (all wireless) and Cellphone antenna towers from public places such as, but not limited to: public schools, hospitals, libraries, government buildings, etc. Mandatory labeling of genetically modified organism (GMO) products and stopping forced vaccination of our little angels, our children, plus the complete removal of cannabis (industrial hemp) prohibition laws in the State of New York.

Obviously the same high propriety issues we are concerned about are prevalent all over the United States. We invite you to become familiar with these utmost urgent issues and focus your efforts on eradicating and solving the very same problems in your own hometown and state.

And if you are sick and tired of the current corrupt political system and thinking to run for office, replacing one of the bought and paid for politicians on the nation-less corporation’s tight leash, we will be happy to listen to your proposed ideas and plans. Keep in mind that we, the people, are going to ask you to sign a legally binding pledge contract, to insure that all of the vital issues / demands raised at the above are taken seriously and will be solved. Thereby insuring that after the election is over and you have won, you are not going to develop a sudden case of amnesia.

We have been contacting the elected politicians offices listed below in the past year and so far none of the New York State elected officials have responded by introducing the necessary legislation for solving any of the vital issues mentioned at the above. Therefore as of today, March 23, 2015, all of the New York State Assembly members, New York City Council members, Governor and NYC Mayor are ignoring peoples’ issues / demands and refusing to solve the few vital detrimental problems raised to protect the people of New York from harm, health hazardous materials and practices. We are going to continue our efforts for the next 12 months, until March 2016, at which time we shall post the results of our work, right here.

Non-Responsive Elected Politicians - Exposed

New York State Assembly
Carl E. Heastie - Speaker 
Click on the link below to find your assembly-person and state your demands

New York City Council
Melissa Mark-Viverito- Speaker
Click on the link below to find your council-person and state your demands

Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
Phone: 518-474-8390

Mayor Bill de Blasio
City Hall
New York, NY 10007


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