Designing For Generosity

What would the world look like if we designed for generosity? Instead of assuming that people want to simply maximize self-interest, what if our institutions and organizations catered to our deeper motivations? This compelling TEDx talk explores this question and introduces the concept of Giftivism: the practice of radically generous acts that change the world. The video is charged with stories of such acts, ranging from: the largest peaceful transfer of land in human history, to a pay-it-forward restaurant, to a 10-year-old's unconventional birthday celebration, and the stunning interaction between a victim and his teenage mugger. With clarity and insight, it details the common threads that runs through all these gift manifestations, and invites us to participate through everyday acts of kindness -- in an uplifting global movement.


New York THRIVE Movement

THRIVE Documentary Film in 14 languages is now available for screening free of charge. Or if you wish to enjoy watching THRIVE on a big screen with stereo surround sound, among other like minded New Yorkers, and at the conclusion of the film participate in questions, comments and group discussion, you may join the Venus Project Foundation sponsored screening on Sundays at 2:PM. The screening schedule and location will be posted on the Venus Project Foundation website home page.

We, at the Venus Project Foundation are eager and determined to play an important role in building a unified community of New Yorkers, who wish to THRIVE. - The goal is to create an exciting, positive, constructive, upbeat, engaging, encouraging and all encompassing; "New York THRIVE Movement Community".

The Venus Project Foundation would like to encourage and invite you to volunteer, or make tax-deductible contributions, to do so, making "New York THRIVE Movement Community" a reality.

The Venus Project Foundation is now organizing outreach efforts, ranging from tabling in well-traveled New York City locations, to web-based social networking. This is a perfect volunteer opportunity. THRIVE’s revealing and enlightening message needs to be shared with the masses in order to raise public awareness, and consciousness, thus generating vast public demand for the implementation of true new and green energy technology.

The Venus Project Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, we are entirely depended on public support and donations to continue our work and mission, your help of any amount could go a long way.

If you prefer to donate using your checking account, please do so by making your check payable to:

The Venus Project Foundation
217 East 70th Street, No. 607
New York, NY 10021-0013

Join New York THRIVE Movement

Aside from English, Thrive is also available in English with English subtitle for the hearing impaired. Thrive is available in: Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Croasian, Dutch, Farsi - Persian, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nederlands, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish languages as well.
THRIVE Documentary Film - All 22 Languages - Free of Charge

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