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The Venus Project Foundation has been enlightening millions each year, encouraging and funding numerous documentary films production, supporting inventors and scientists efforts to continue their work and have been exposing many vital social, political and environmental facts and solutions, many of which were kept hidden from the public, since our inception in 1995. Millions have been benefitted and visited our organization’s website and continue to do so every single day. In the past twenty (20) years the total public contributions to the Venus Project Foundation has been little less than two hundred and fifty dollars per year. An important fact not revealed to the public until now, is that all of our work has been funded and paid for, solely by our CEO and Founder Bahram Maskanian. But, since 2008 it has become increasingly more difficult to continue. We need your help and would like to invite you to join us today! And become a part of the conversation and a part of the solution.

Your tax-deductible donation will provide the Venus Project Foundation with much needed funds, which will allow us, to continue our enlightening work in New Energy fields and power generator development, plus a few other vital issues mentioned extensively on our website, where you as a member of our one and only Home, Planet Earth, will be benefitted by, directly.

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