The Vision of Future MagLev 30 kw Power Generator

The MagLev 30 kw Power Generator

Nikola Tesla discovered alternating current and the means of producing electricity cheaply to mainly dominant colonial countries. The electricity use has been and remains very uneven across the globe. The main beneficiaries have been the so-called industrialized, or dominant colonial countries, leaving out billions of people with no power in the colonized and plundered nations, known as: the Third World countries.

Using one of the Nikola Tesla’s maglev expired patent, now a public domain (when patent's life expires, it becomes public domain, which means anybody can take it and make use of it) for building a maglev electricity generator.

Maglev machines are capable of generating 20 KW to 30 KW of 100% clean electricity, with absolutely no emission, or pollution, or fuel consumption of any kind whatsoever. The electromagnetic characteristic of this machine is derived from the use of permanent magnets revolving in a friction free environment of maglev motor, making it super quiet and highly efficient with unlimited power and entirely free from any pollution and expensive maintenance costs.

It is estimated that the generator can work continuously for over 50 years with no cost maintenance. This electromagnetic machine can easily provide electricity for powering all home appliances including water heaters and cooking stove up to 5,000 square feet area, between 20 KW, or 30 KW.

There are truly countless benefits of using electromagnetic electricity generators, which requires absolutely NO external fuel of any kind, no air, no water, no electricity, no fossil fuels of any kind, such as oil, coal and natural gas, or toxic nuclear fuel. There’s no threat of accidents or health hazards.

Maglev devices do not produce greenhouse gases or any other wasteful hazards, as it is basically built with permanent magnets and Tesla coil. Due to its friction free magnetic motor, it works very quietly with no operating noise and can be installed anywhere in the world, whatever the ambient environmental conditions.

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