Effective Tips and Tricks - Think Global and Act Local

- By Bahram Maskanian

What a profound phrase “thinking globally and acting locally”.  We are in the process of a national fund raising to produce our documentary film full of entertaining, informative and highly effective tips and tricks, which will present a whole range of healthy, simple, easy to do, money saving tips and means of living our lives healthy and pollution free.

Illustrating the fact that by protecting our one and only Home Planet Earth, we are indeed protecting ourselves. “The Effective Tips and Tricks” documentary film will offer effective and doable solutions that we can all understand and use right now.

After the miserable failure of the December of 2009, the Copenhagen summit, it has become more evident than ever before that good, solid and constructive changes must come from the public grassroots, not the top.  We, as the citizens of the Planet Earth are bound together with our common survival interest and environment in which we all live.

Whether, or not you believe the obvious, in your face, facts and scientific evidences that global warming is spreading, in high speed and rampant growth?  What would be wrong with cleaning up our Home, Planet Earth?  Why living healthy and organically, free from deadly gases and chemicals are such problem for those who deny the existence of global warming?

I understand that the beneficiaries and shareholders of coal, gas, oil, banks and all other related greedy and shortsighted nation-less corporations may be upset for losing a little bit of revenue, but look at the bright side for a change, will you please?  They have already made if not billions, millions of dollars, plundering the natural resources of dozens of countries all around the world.  Now either retire already, or take your ill-gotten gains and put it to work for good causes saving the future for your children and grand children.

Here are some examples of what can be done: the death merchants whom are all kept busy inventing and manufacturing new innovative mass killing death machines and munitions to support dictators of the natural resource rich countries and over 850 American military bases all around the world, could easily retool their factories, retire the mad warmongers, and begin building state of the art light trains for use on street surface, magnetic levitation high speed rail, electric bicycles, electric cars, solar panels, high capacity batteries, smart electric grids, and much more, right here in the United States.

Congress must stop all of the Cash for Caucasian billionaire bailouts programs, or corporate welfare and begin working for the American people for a change. If not, come 2012 elections, we the American people shall put in place new representation in congress and put them to work for the people, for the first time, in the 220-year history of the United States of Nation-Less Corporations. Transforming it to the United States of America.

A long the side of clean and sustainable energy production, there must be tax cut programs instead of Cash for Caucasian billionaire bailouts programs, or corporate welfare, at the local and federal level, plus subsidies and price reductions of solar panels to make it possible for home owners to take action, and effectively and truly reduce their carbon footprint. Carbon footprint offsets should be portrait as a true patriotic and personal responsibility for every single one of us to clean up and protect humanity, protect ourselves, and protect our one and only Home we have, Planet Earth.

We must all understand that the environmental consequences of our activities have already caught up with us and there is no more time to procrastinate. Unlike what is portrayed on almost all of the environmental documentaries, the absolute truth is that Planet Earth is not in any danger, we, the human species are in danger of obliterating ourselves, and our life sustaining and supporting elements.  But be sure that after humanity annihilates itself, Planet Earth will recover in a couple of million years, without any help from any of us.

The choice is ours, and the time is now! Please join us, volunteer and help us, to help ourselves. Your contribution of time and tax-deductible funds will make it possible to produce our documentary film “The Effective Tips and Tricks”, sharing the wisdom of healthy living and survival through natural and sustainable means with all of humanity.

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